Quiet Electric Fuel Pump: Top 6 Quietest In Tank & External Fuel Pump

Are you looking to purchase a quiet electric fuel pump that will not only allow for quiet car rides but also improve car performance?

Well, I’ve got you covered.

An electric fuel pump is common in car engines that use fuel injection.

This gadget facilitates the flow of fuel from the gas tank straight to the injector- it’s often mounted inside the gas tank though some are mounted outside the gas tank.

Electric fuel pumps use a DC motor to draw fuel from the gas tank and are equipped with a filter that keeps impurities from flowing to the fuel line.

What Is the Quietest Electric Fuel Pump?

I would consider Holley Blue Electric Pump as the best quietest electric fuel pump on the market today.

The Holley Blue pump delivers 88- 110 GPH flow at nine psi and 14 psi at its highest. This is enough pressure to ensure adequate fuel when the engine is at its maximum.

The motor only draws 3amps of current which makes this an energy-saving piece. You never have to worry about this pump draining your vehicle power.

This Holley comes with a tumble-polished look. It also features a lower housing casting that works to enhance fuel flow and ensure quiet operation.

Immediately you hook the pump to a 12Vpower supply, expect it to produce intense fuel pressure.

In addition to the fact that it is a low-maintenance piece, these features make this an ideal choice if you want a durable and reliable pump.

You can use this pump for your car, boat, and any other automobile.

Other Quiet Electric Fuel Pumps on the Market

There’s a wide variety of quiet electric fuel pumps on the market today. Below are some of the handpicked options that are quiet and yet efficient.

1. Carter P4601HP

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

This Carter creation is ideal if you are looking for a fuel pump with an output of between 14 and 66 Psi. The pump will give you all these plus a free flow of 100 GPH.

The rotary vane pumps here are universal and internally regulated.

This, in addition to the free flow design, ensures that there are no shaft seals leak or burnout even with intense use.

The pump is ideal for strip or street carbureted medium to high-pressure applications. It can be used with leaded, unleaded, and diesel fuels.

Go for the Carter P4601HP if you want a quiet operation with solid performance.

The manufacturer offers an easy-to-follow installation kit with this pump, so your job is made easy.

2. Aeromotive 11101

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

The Aeromotive 11101 is designed to be reliable, durable, and provide high horsepower. This pump will support 1500HP of carbureted engines and 1300 HP of naturally aspirated engines.

While this is one of the most powerful pumps in the market, it runs quietly.

It is ideal if you want to push your engine and enjoy a faster ride without having to put up with the noise.

The pump is fully submersible, making it perfect for in-tank placement.

It is also fitted with an ORB-10 outlet and inlet valve that guarantee a perfect fit when mounted.

It helps that the pump is made to last, so you can consider it a one-time investment for your engine. You can only use diesel for this pump.

3. Carter P4070

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

This pump comes with the Carter Fuel Systems.

The universal-fit vane pumps are regulated internally and offer free flow with no shaft seals that can leak or points that can burn out.

The Carter P4070 is ideal if you are looking for a quiet pump that will deliver between 4 to 7 PSI output. Its outflow can go up to 72 GPH.

This Carter pump will deliver medium-pressure application and ensure that the engine gets a steady flow of fuel.

It is an great choice if you want a quiet operation and solid performance.

The pump comes with a comprehensive installation kit with clear instructions on how to mount the pump.

You will enjoy the hassle-free installation and notice an immediate boost in power immediately you link the pump to a 12-volt supply.

4. Autobest F4027

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

The Autobest F4027 stands out for superior ethanol tolerance, which works great for modern fuel systems.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the pump is tested at different stages to ensure reliability and durability.

The pump is also fitted with a 5/16- Inch strainer-type inlet and a 5/16- Inch Hose Bead outlet. It is a gasoline-only, 12 volts pump.

Notably, this pump comes with installation hardware and a mounting bracket.

The manufacturer also includes an instruction guide with easy-to-follow steps during installation and a list of suggested mounting locations.

This pump also comes with a solid build and is designed to offer reliable performance for many years.

The manufacturer offers a 12-month, unlimited mileage guarantee, but you can be sure that your pump will be serving you well for much longer.

5. Airtex E8016S

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

The Airtex E8016S is fitted with a high-grade outer shell that is corrosive resistant and guarantees a longer life.

Since the pump is thoroughly tested during manufacturing, you can rest easy knowing that it will deliver worry-free performance.

This pump is fitted with advanced brushes, commutators, and polymers for durability, even when multiple fuel blends are used.

The leading-edge inlet design ensures efficiency while increasing performance, and this contributes to its long life.

The check valves inside the pump ensure optimum flow but minimal noise, making this a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quiet pump.

Its isotropic finish also plays a part in lowering the amperage and ensuring that the pump runs quietly.

Upon purchase, you earn a limited lifetime warranty for this pump.

Quiet Electric Fuel Pump Buyer Guide

Below is a buyer guide to help you pick the best quiet electric fuel pump that meets your specific requirements.

There are some features you must consider when you go shopping for a quiet electric pump. These include:


If you want a quiet pump, be sure to check the details on the noise levels when running optimally.

Ideally, you should find a pump that boosts your engine’s performance and still allows you to drive with minimal, if any, distraction.


Different pumps come with unique installation procedures.

Some are easy to install, so you do not need professional help, while others are complicated.

If you do not have an installation budget, go for an easy-to-install piece.

The manufacturer should provide a straightforward installation guide and the right hardware to complete the job.

However, if your engine needs a hard-to-install pump, you have no choice but to seek professional help.

An installation fee is a small price to pay for a high-quality and well-installed fuel pump that will serve you well for many years.

Fuel Type

Most pumps work with different fuel types.

However, there are a few fuel-specific ones, and while they offer exemplary performance, they will not be ideal unless they work with the fuel powering your engine.

Check the fuel compatibility and if this information is not readily available, ask the seller before confirming your order.

If you are planning to use the pump on different engines, get one that can work with all fuel types.


The last thing you want is to buy an expensive pump to discover that it doesn’t fit.

When you get to the shop, ensure that you have a knowledgeable technician to recommend the right size for your engine.

When shopping online, read the compatibility notes on the website and double-check before completing the order to ensure that the size is right.

If you don’t know what size is ideal for your engine, go with a universal pump designed for industrial and automotive use.


Do you need a heavy-duty pump or a medium-performance pump for a small vehicle? How will you be using the fuel pump?

Once you can answer the above questions, selecting a fuel pump to match your purpose becomes easy.

You will not be satisfied if you get a pump whose performance cannot match the needs of your engine.

Reliability & Durability

Can your pump deliver the same power as in the beginning after a year or two of constant use?

Check user reviews to see what those who have used the pump you want have to say about it on reliability.

Go for a pump that will not offer a lot of power to start underperforming after a short while. Fortunately, most of the renowned brands offer reliable pumps that are thoroughly tested.

You also need a durable piece that will offer the best return on investment.


You have to consider the cost of the pump in relation to your budget.

Since different pumps come at different prices, you are guaranteed to have enough options under each price category.

When it comes to cost, you also have to consider quality.

You would rather pay more for a powerful pump that will serve you well for longer than buy a cheap piece that you cannot rely on after a few months.

How to Quiet A Noisy Electric Fuel Pump?

There are different ways on how to quiet a noisy electric fuel pump.

One of the commonly recommended methods requires you to fill up the tank.

If the gas pump makes a whining noise, it could be due to low gas, and filling it up could solve the problem for you.

Secondly, you could be using contaminated fuel.

The gas could be contaminated with water, and when such a thing happens, you’ll hear a sort of grinding noise.

Other signs of contaminated fuel include stalled or hard-to-start engines and could result in engine failure in the long run.

Have your car checked by a qualified mechanic.

A clogged pump inlet, incorrect tank venting, restricted fuel line, or dirty fuel filter could also be a cause of the noise problem.

Use a fuel pump pressure tester to ensure that fuel pump pressure isn’t the problem you’re dealing with.

Click this for a full guide on how to quiet a noisy fuel pump.

On Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

Above are the best quiet electric pumps you can get on the market today.

Noises while driving can be big distractors that can affect your concentration when driving.

According to CDC, about 8 people are killed daily in the USA as a result of distracted driving. (Source)

Therefore, ensure that you have a quiet ride as possible to avoid any distractions that can reduce your concentration on the road.

I’d also recommend you check out my guide on quiet a noise electric fuel pump.

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