Top 9 Quiet Bed Frame That Don’t Squeak for Sexually Active Couples

A quiet bed frame that doesn’t squeak is a perfect addition to your bedroom, especially for active couples or anyone who regularly switches sleeping position throughout the night.

And just like a quiet mini-fridge, the quietest bed frame will be a great addition to your bedroom, guaranteeing you a night of comfort and quiet sleep.

Nothing is annoying, like a bed that squeaks even at the slightest movement you make.

According to NCBI noisy bed frame can make you sleep-deprived, resulting in increased stress, reduced quality of life, somatic problems, mood disorders, behavior problems, and so much more. (Source)

To counter these problems, I would highly suggest you get yourself a quiet bed and soundproof your bedroom against outside noises.

What is the Best Quiet Bed Frame on the Market?

The quietest bed frame is ZINUS SmartBase 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame.

It’s made of black steel metal and available in regular and deluxe styles ranging from narrow twin to California king sizes.

Unlike other bed frames, there’s no need to purchase a box spring.

This is because the SmartBase is made of heavy steel construction that replaces a box spring allowing you to rest your spring or memory foam mattress directly on top.

The maximum capacity is 750lbs from narrow twin and twin XL size, while the other measures support a maximum weight of 1500lbs.

This unit allows you to stash your extra odds and ends under bed storage, thanks to the 13 inches clearance space.

It doesn’t require any tool for assembly and comes with a 5-year warranty.

If you are using the bed on a concrete floor, I’d recommend you place foam shims or anti-vibration pads on each foot.

A-List of Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak Guide

Below is a detailed guide of some other excellent recommendation of some silent bed frames you can get on the market today.

1. VECELO 14 Inch Quiet Noise Bed Frame

quiet bed frame

Just the Zinus SmartBase above, the VECELO is made of the quality and durable steel that supports and helps prevent unnecessary squeaks.

It provides 13 inches under bed storage to allow you to stash your valuables beneath and for easy cleaning.

Additionally, the frame boasts anti-slip treads that help reduce friction and also protects your floor from scratching.

If you live in a small apartment, this is the perfect option for you thanks to its folding mechanism; the frame is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and can be stored in small rooms.

This bed frame ensures noise-free support when having sex with your partner or when rolling from side to side during the night.

You get a 30-day return period if not satisfied and a 1-year warranty on the parts.

2. Amazon Basics Foldable, 14″ Metal Platform Frame

The Amazon Basics is available in 6 sizes from twin to California king and in two different styles- 14 and 18 inches.

No box spring is needed as the platform bed frame is made of high quality and durable steel construction, which is also noise-free and quiet.

With its folding mechanism, you can easily store it in small storage spaces or move it in tight spaces in your apartment.

3. Olee Sleep 18-Inch-Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

quiet bed frame

The Olee Sleep boasts a unique design with 6 feet for maximum support and durability.

The bed frame firmly encloses the mattress hence preventing it from slipping.

Like most frames in this Guide, this unit offers ample under-bed storage space, and it’s available in five sizes ranging from twin to California king.

It supports all mattress types, and assembling it is simple as all the tools required for this job are included in the package.

You get a 5-year limited warranty upon purchase.

4. KINGSO Bed Frame

The KINGSTO bed frame is available in four sizes- twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

The maximum weight for the twin size is 600 pounds and 1200 pounds for full, queen, and king sizes, and this makes the frame withstand lots of static pressure while helping prevent structural twisting.

It offers a full support foundation and encloses the mattress to prevent wobbling or sliding for the mattress without a box spring.

There’s a sizeable under bed storage to help you store yours out of season clothing, linens and other items.

The best part about this bed frame is that its reinforced design and the plastic floor pads for the feet help prevent creaking and floor noise when dragging the bed in your room.

It takes up to 30-40 minutes to set up this bed frame solo as all installation tools are included.

However, it’s highly recommended to get a second person to help you with the installation process.

5. ZIYOO 14-inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

quiet bed frame

According to the manufacturer, the ZIYOO bedframe slats are 20% stronger than traditional bed frame and holds up to 3500lbs.

It’s a comfortable and yet noise-free bed frame that will provide you with a quiet bed time, comfort, and relief from daily stress while allowing you to gain new energy for another day.

It’s available in six sizes, from twin to California king-size, with an underbed storage of 12 inches, which can be used to store quickly-to-reach items.

The frame offers easy assembly as all the tools and hardware required for installation are included in the package.

6. COMASACH 16-inch Bed Frame

Unlike traditional bed frames, the COMASACH frame is made of reinforced steel that allows for extra weight capacity, with no shaking or squeaking.

No box spring required as the slats offer enough support and protect your mattress from damage which would otherwise void the mattress warranty.

You get 16-inch bed storage, allowing you to store your odds and ends.

Additionally, the frame is easy to assemble as all the required materials are included in the package, including an installation manual.

7. ONEMO 2000lbs Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

quiet bed frame

ONEMO bed frame boasts a steel pipe design that’s 20% thicker than a similar traditional bed frame.

This makes it safer and more durable for a comfortable and quiet sleep.

Unlike all other units in this article, ONEMO comes with wooden slats capable of supporting up to 2000lbs giving your bed stronger support.

You get a 12” underbed storage space to help you keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

And like all the frames in this Guide, you won’t need a box spring with this unit either as the wooden slats provide enough support for your memory, spring or latex mattress.

There are about 4 inches between each slat. Additionally, while the frame features holes to allow for a headboard, it doesn’t come with the bolts for headboard attachment.

Quiet Bed Frame Buyer Guide

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a non-squeaky bed frame. Below are the most important ones to ensure that you get a quiet bed frame that meets your specific requirements.

Noise Levels

Because you’re looking to buy a quiet bed frame, it’s evident that the first important to take into consideration, in this case, are the noise levels.

Nothing is annoying, like having a bed that squeaks at the slightest movement that you make.

It could also make your nights a nightmare, especially if you and your partner are sexually active.

You don’t want to be the annoying upstairs neighbour everyone dreads about.

Some factors determine how noisy or quiet a bed frame is.

They include design and material construction.

You will note that all the frames in this Guide feature extra legs for support and durable steel construction.

Size and Dimensions

Another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a noiseless bed frame is the size and dimensions.

If you share a bed with your partner or your roommate, you’ll need a more oversized frame than when sleeping alone.

You should also consider the amount of underbed storage you need.

If you’ve got plenty of linen and live in a small apartment, then I’d recommend you to get one with a larger underneath storage.

Additionally, if you still have your mattress, you must get a frame that matches your mattress’s exact size.

Budget and Price

How much are you willing to spend on your new bed frame? And what the price range for the quiet bed frames?

These two factors go hand and in hand and will help you in making the final decision.

If you have a tight budget and want a quiet frame, you’re lucky.

These quiet frames are available at different price tags.

Final thoughts on Quiet Bed Frame

A quiet bed frame is not just a furniture addition to your home; it’s essential and must-have furniture that every homeowner needs.

Above are the quietest bed frames you can get on the market today.

I have also compiled a detailed guide to ensure that you get a bed frame that meets your specific requirements.

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