Home Theater Soundproofing: Top 7 Tips To Improve Audio Quality Noise

Home Theater Soundproofing

Home theater soundproofing is a technical DIY activity that will help you eliminate echoes, reverberations, as well as block low-frequency noises, footfalls, and bass noise from the next room. There’s nothing quite irritating like investing in the quietest projector, only to later find out that you can never enjoy movies, thanks to the noisy outside … Read more

Soundproofing A Basement In 7 Easy and Actionable DIY Methods

Soundproofing A Basement

Soundproofing a basement is one of the most important DIY soundproofing activities you must undertake. This is important, especially if you have transformed it into something like a drum room, office, man cave, or even home theater. For typical basements, below the ground basements, you will only have to deal with the biggest noise culprits: … Read more

Quietest Wall Air Conditioner: Top 7 Quietest Thru the Wall Air Conditioner

Quietest Wall Air Conditioner

Unlike traditional air conditioner, the quietest wall air conditioners boast an integrated sound deadening technology that aims to keep noise down while at the same time keeping your indoor environment cool or warm. According to an article published on Purdue University Chemistry Department, traditional air conditioners emit 60decibels at 100ft and 70decibels at 5ft. (Source) … Read more

Does Soundproof Foam Work or Is It Just a Scam?

Does Soundproof Foam Work

Does soundproof foam work? The simple answer is No and Yes. Hanging soundproof foam on the walls won’t soundproof your room but instead will improve the room’s acoustics qualities. Foam is simply a sound absorber but not a soundproofing material. Sound-absorbing materials are used to improve the quality of sound in a room and are … Read more

Top 5 DIY Under Hood Insulation Methods That Work Effectively

Top 5 DIY Under Hood Insulation Methods That Work Effectively

DIY under hood insulation requires the use of various recommended automotive sound-deadening materials to achieve maximum effectiveness. The best part is that you will be soundproofing your car against engine noise, insulating it from high & low temperatures. If you notice that your car engine getting loud over the years of usage, the most common … Read more

Top 5 Dynamat Alternative for DIY Vehicle Soundproofing

dynamat alternative

We shall be examining some of the best Dynamat alternative ideal for DIY vehicle soundproofing. Dynamat is one of the most effective automotive sound deadening materials on the market today. Unfortunately, the product itself is pretty costlier compared to other sound-deadening materials. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get … Read more

Soundproof Paint: How Does It Work and What is it Made from?

soundproof paint

Soundproof paint is one of the most affordable soundproofing materials for our homes. With soundproofing paint, you get more than just soundproofing, as you can easily match the aesthetics of your home. Unlike mass loaded vinyl, you’ll be able to retain neatness in your home without crazy hangings all over your walls. Everyone can paint, … Read more

Automotive Sound Deadening Materials: Effective and Affordable

Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

With automotive sound deadening materials installed in your car, you won’t ever have to worry about road noise in your car or engine noise. Unlike the traditional soundproofing materials such as mass loaded vinyl, moving blankets, acoustic foam, automotive sound-deadening materials are specifically designed for soundproofing your automobile. If you want to silence your loud … Read more

Quietrock Vs Double Drywall: A Detailed Comparison

Quietrock Vs Double Drywall

Here is a detailed guide between Quietrock vs double drywall and how effective each material is in soundproofing. I have always recommended drywall in most previous projects, such as an excellent soundproofing material when soundproofing bass noise coming through a wall. While double layer drywall is highly effective in dealing with airborne and impact noises, … Read more

Top 7 Quiet Airbrush Compressor for Painting and Cake Decor

quiet airbrush compressor

With a quiet airbrush compressor, you’ll be able to paint different mediums like dyes, paints, makeups, and inks on any canvas or surface. Unfortunately, 95% of the manufacturers don’t have noise ratings for the different airbrush compressors they sell. This makes it almost impossible for you to find one that not only quiet but also … Read more