Can You Paint Inside of Microwave?

a woman cleaning the inside of a microwave

Yes, you can paint the inside of the microwave with high heat-resistant paint. It helps save the face of a long-lasting microwave. Repainting helps to cover chipped areas to prevent rusting. Microwaves have a long lifespan. Their lifespan reduces with how you use them. However, chipped paint inside can accelerate their rate of damage. High-quality … Read more

How to Get Bad Neighbors to Move

a woman covering her head with pillows

Some neighbors are from hell. No amount of dialogue and civility can get them to respect other neighbors. Now, you are thinking of how to get a bad neighbor to move since you love your hood, and one lousy person can’t make you vacate. In every neighborhood, there’s that one neighbor who drives everyone crazy. … Read more

Can You Microwave Aluminum Takeout Containers?

Can You Microwave Aluminum Takeout Containers?

You already know that you should avoid putting metals in a microwave. It’s safe since most metals react to microwaves. You can microwave aluminum takeout containers. But you need to follow some safety tips to avoid fire accidents. You should avoid eating aluminum takeout containers every day. However, you can toss it in the microwave. … Read more

Oven Making Noise When Off: Causes and Fixes!

Oven Making Noise When Off

You may or not notice the oven making noise when off. Don’t call a technician yet. An oven can make noise when off because the cooling fan is still on. But sometimes the noise could be disturbing.  Several reasons lead to the oven humming. Some problems are minor and have an easy fix. However, if … Read more

Are Red Solo Cups Microwave-Safe?

are red solo cups microwave safe

Solo cups are so helpful at parties. They come in many colors, but the red ones are the most popular. They are lightweight and disposable plastic. Thus, you don’t have to stress about cleaning up after the party. Some wonder if red solo cups are microwave-safe. Their plastic is sturdy besides being disposable. Thus, some … Read more

Can You Put Stainless Steel in the Microwave?

stainless steel in the microwave

Have you seen mini-lightning in your microwave while warming food? The phenomenon happens when metallic elements are in the microwave. The microwave heats food best when the container absorbs the waves. Metals reflect the waves and may cause a fire accident if they cause sparks of large magnitude. It leaves you whether stainless steel is … Read more

How to Soundproof Rental Apartment: 11 Ways

how to soundproof a rental apartment

If you live in an apartment, you know that noise can be a big issue. Whether it’s your noisy neighbors or the sound of traffic outside, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep or concentrate on work. Soundproofing your apartment can help reduce noise and create a more peaceful environment. How do … Read more

How to Soundproof Metal Roof: 7 EFFECTIVE Ways

How to Soundproof Metal Roof

Metal roofs that are not sound insulated can be quite noisy during rain storms or when hailstones hit the roof. They can also be quite noisy when high winds blow across them. If you stay in an area with high winds, consider installing a metallic roof that is sound insulated. Even though metal roofs can … Read more

How to Fix Squeaky Carpeted Stairs From Above

How to Fix Squeaky Carpeted Stairs From Above

Do you have stairs in your home that make a lot of noise when someone walks on them? This can be really annoying, especially if you are trying to watch TV or sleep at night. If your stairs make noise when you step on the front of the tread, then you need to solve this … Read more

How Many Watts and Amps Does a Microwave Use?

How Many Watts and Amps Does a Microwave Use

If you’re like most people, you probably use your microwave oven several times a week, if not every day. But how much power does this handy kitchen appliance actually use? The answer depends on a few factors, including the wattage of your microwave and the length of time it’s in use. In order to understand … Read more