How to Get Bad Neighbors to Move

Some neighbors are from hell. No amount of dialogue and civility can get them to respect other neighbors. Now, you are thinking of how to get a bad neighbor to move since you love your hood, and one lousy person can’t make you vacate.

In every neighborhood, there’s that one neighbor who drives everyone crazy. The experience is worse if they are your next-door neighbor. You’ll experience all the loud music, barking dogs, screaming moms, noisy children, drunk nosy neighbors, etc. sometimes you feel you can buy an island and live alone. But that’s just one person driving you crazy. They shouldn’t make you and several other friendly neighbors leave. You can liaise with neighbors to use legal ways to get a bad one to move. However, it will depend on your aggressiveness.

You can work out some tips to annoy your lousy neighbor. If you involve other good neighbors, you can make them leave within a short time.

An annoying neighbor will disturb your peace. Sometimes, they make you raged, annoyed, anxious, and make your life a nightmare. It may affect your mental health if you deal with them for a long time. The tips below will help you deal with them without getting into trouble.

How to Get Bad Neighbors to Move?

  • Inform the house management
  • Take complaints to the landlord
  • Complain to the homeowners association
  • Invoncinience the bad neighbors
  • Annoy them
  • Inconvenience the Bad Neighbors
  • Be Nosy
  • Call Police on Bad Neighbors
  • Be a Hostile Neighbor

1. Inform the House Management

If you and your nasty neighbor live in the same compound, there’s a possibility you are under house management. The case is easy to handle. When dialogue between you two has failed, take the matter to the house management. Sometimes, you may have a lawyer in society. You can file a complaint with them for legal support.

When you file a complaint with the house management, everyone will pay attention to the matter. Even neighbors who didn’t know the person was disturbing their peace will get the information. Now, everyone can decide whether the bad neighbor should stay or move.

Before you file the complaint, ensure you have enough evidence. Lack of evidence will prove malice from your end. No management can overlook a complaint with the support of sufficient evidence. That way, they can’t create fake stories and escape their irresponsible behaviors. 

2. Take Complaints to the Landlord

Sometimes the house management may fail to take your complaint seriously. It’d be wise if you reported such a case to the landlord. Ensure you tell the landlord directly. If you don’t have their contacts, search for them from reliable sources.

Remember that not all landlords will listen to your complaints and take action; however, you may be lucky if they order the bad neighbor to move out. Give them evidence you made to the house management and the response you got. You can try to add spice to your complaint to convince them that they need to take immediate action. However, this move will work if you have evidence that your neighbor’s actions harm people’s lives.

3. Complain to Home Owners Association

When your landlord ignores your concerns, you can escalate the matter to the Homeowner’s Association (HOA).they are in every neighborhood and care about the well-being of each neighbor. They fix any problem that arises.

If you have a problem with a neighbor’s behavior, they should act as a mediator to solve your issues. If your neighbor is not ready to change, they would advise them to move.

Present evidence that your neighbor is breaking the rules of the compound. They will take necessary actions, including evicting the said neighbor.

4. Inconvenience the Bad Neighbors

If you have tried to explain how their behavior affects you and you have a backload of work, but they won’t listen, it’s time to take action. Come up with different ways to inconvenience them.

Order some food items and add their address. Remember to select the pay-on-delivery option. Your neighbor will have to pay for the food they didn’t order. The habit will irritate them, and they might move. If you take this as an option, ensure the restaurant can’t track your number. Otherwise, you might land yourself in trouble. A VPN can work in this case.

Call pranks can work a long way. However, your neighbor shouldn’t have your phone number. Constantly call them disguised as a telemarketer. Sell them items you claim you are selling to people in that neighborhood. Keep coming up with new products every few days. The bad neighbor will move away to a more peaceful community.

Make barbecues from your backyard. Food smells will distract anyone from their sleep, library, or on the couch reading. You can select a dish with the strongest aroma. Ensure you cook outside several days a week. Your neighbor will get tired of your behavior and leave. The best part about it is that cooking will never be illegal.

5. Be Nosy

Minding your business will never convert your bad neighbor into a friendly neighbor. However, you can make their life in the neighborhood uncomfortable. Poke your nose in all they do. Suffocate them with your presence until they question their sanity and why they live in that neighborhood.

If they come home from work when you are indoors, meet them outside and hold a prolonged conversation. Also, join them for chit-chat when they are gardening. Stop them for a chat when they are going out with their family. You can tell them stories about your life even when they don’t ask; the stories need not be accurate. Also, interrogate them about their lives, businesses, friendships, etc. your unwanted conversations will tire them.

Your nosy behavior will make them lead a quiet life. They’ll ensure they keep noises to the minimum to avoid attracting your attention. Some might consider moving from the neighborhood. It’s best when they taste a dose of their medicine. They’ll be more disciplined and peaceful wherever they live.

6. Call Police on Bad Neighbors

Constantly call the police whenever your neighbor misbehaves. Police take action quickly and issue warnings to irresponsible people. Nobody likes it when police frequently visit them. Remember to gather enough evidence about illegal activities that your neighbors do. The activities can be as simple as playing loud music at night.

However, some minor behaviors will not make the police warn your neighbor. However, they will take action if they are repeat offenders. Have evidence that you have tried to dialogue with your neighbor before involving the police. Alternatively, you can ask for advice from your lawyer on the types of complaints you can take to the police. 

7. File a Joint Petition with Other Neighbors

Once you have other neighbors on your side and the attention of the relevant bodies, you can mobilize them to file a class action lawsuit. Everybody will list their grievances in the lawsuit. The item with the most complaints will be a priority.

Include all the best reasons to kick out a neighbor in a petition. Your petition will be weighty if you prove they are sexual offenders, drug dealers, dangerous criminals, or any other criminal activity. Also, if all neighbors agree they are intolerable, it would be a good reason to have them kicked out of the community.

8. Have Some Fake Loud Activities

If you get a slap on your right cheek, slap back, and don’t offer your left cheek. Why? Lou neighbors disturb your peace when you need to relax. Allowing them to continue with their behaviors will affect your mental health, and probably you’ll end up sick due to stress. Organize fake activities that will make the environment noisy when they need some peace.

Find types of noise that would annoy your neighbor. However, you should have limits not to land yourself in trouble. But if you have a neighbor who loves loud night parties and sleeps until late morning, you can choose to mow your lawn early in the morning. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the activity.

Sometimes you can choose to have noisy activities in the afternoons. Organize get-togethers and house parties when your neighbor is relaxing. The continuous disturbance might get a bad neighbor to move.

9. Be a Hostile Neighbor

If your secret actions are not reason enough to make your bad neighbor move, it’s time to open your hostility. Bang a tennis ball against a shared wall. Ensure you do that when they are enjoying some quiet time. Also, you can teach your dog to bark at a hostile neighbor. If they ask, tell them your dog dislikes them.

If your lousy neighbor lives in an apartment above you, you can knock on your ceiling with a thumper every night. Switch on the vacuum cleaner at night or dawn. However, you should only do what they did first. They will think twice about complaining about your actions when they were the genesis of it all.

Conclusion: How to Get Bad Neighbors to Move

Dialogue is the best method to deal with a bad neighbor. However, some are arrogant and wouldn’t welcome any form of dialogue. You can explore the ways above and choose what suits your personality. However, ensure any step you make will not land you into trouble.

Irritate your neighbor until they decide to move. However, you can also ask other neighbors to lodge complaints and get the bad neighbor kicked out. It’s much easier to work as a group. But you shouldn’t be malicious to complain against an innocent person.


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