Does Soundproof Foam Work or Is It Just a Scam?

Does Soundproof Foam Work

Does soundproof foam work? The simple answer is No and Yes. Hanging soundproof foam on the walls won’t soundproof your room but instead will improve the room’s acoustics qualities. Foam is simply a sound absorber but not a soundproofing material. Sound-absorbing materials are used to improve the quality of sound in a room and are … Read more

Soundproof Paint: How Does It Work and What is it Made from?

soundproof paint

Soundproof paint is one of the most affordable soundproofing materials for our homes. With soundproofing paint, you get more than just soundproofing, as you can easily match the aesthetics of your home. Unlike mass loaded vinyl, you’ll be able to retain neatness in your home without crazy hangings all over your walls. Everyone can paint, … Read more

Quietrock Vs Double Drywall: A Detailed Comparison

Quietrock Vs Double Drywall

Here is a detailed guide between Quietrock vs double drywall and how effective each material is in soundproofing. I have always recommended drywall in most previous projects, such as an excellent soundproofing material when soundproofing bass noise coming through a wall. While double layer drywall is highly effective in dealing with airborne and impact noises, … Read more

What Kind of Insulation for Basement Ceiling Is the Best?

What Kind of Insulation for Basement Ceiling

Are you caught at crossroads on what kind of insulation for basement ceiling you should use? In this guide, we shall discuss different types of basement insulation that offer some bit of soundproofing and weather insulation. Insulating the basement ceiling is purposely done to retain most heat in the living space and insulate the basement … Read more

How to Quiet A Noisy Window Air Conditioner (Easy DIY Tips)

how to Quiet a Noisy Window Air Conditioner

I will show you different methods on how to quiet a noisy window air conditioner without breaking an arm or leg. Alternatively, you can read my detailed guide on some of the quietest air conditioners on the market today. You’ll be able to save yourself the time you’d have spent trying to make your existing … Read more

Interior Door Sweep for Soundproofing and Weather Insulation

Interior Door Sweep for Soundproofing and Weather Insulation

Interior door sweep is one of the cheapest soundproofing materials for doors. Not only does it help in preventing airborne noise from outside from leaking into your house but also improves heat insulation. (Source) A door sweep is installed on the gap between the floor and the door. This gap is deliberately left during construction … Read more

Gas Oven Sounds Like A Blowtorch (Causes and How to Fix)

Gas Oven Sounds Like A Blowtorch

Imagine walking into your kitchen, ready to whip up a delicious meal or bake a batch of cookies, only to be greeted by a surprising and somewhat unsettling noise. Instead of the familiar hum or tick of your gas oven, it sounds like a blowtorch is raging within its depths. Your mind races with thoughts … Read more

How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor

In the harmonious symphony of a well-functioning home, there’s one element that can sometimes strike a rather discordant note – a noisy refrigerator compressor. As an essential component of your kitchen’s heart, the refrigerator compressor diligently keeps your perishables fresh and your beverages chilled. Yet, its persistent hums, rattles, and clatters can disrupt the tranquility … Read more

Top 5 DIY Hacks on How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise

How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise

Want to learn how to block out low frequency noise? Low frequency noise, for example, bass, ranges from about 10Hz-200Hz, and its annoyance is related to lack of concentration, headaches, pressure on the eardrum, unusual tiredness, and irritation. (Source) Soundproofing against low frequency noise has always been a challenge as this type of noise is … Read more

Does Green Glue Really Work? Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

Does Green Glue Really Work

Does green glue really work? This is one of the most popular questions that most DIY soundproofing beginners often ask. And YES, green glue does work. As you’ve seen in my previous posts, green glue is an effective dampening compound that can be used to soundproof the basement ceiling, when soundproofing a dorm room, and … Read more