Top 7 Green Glue Alternative That Work: Cheap Sound Deadening

In this article, we shall be discussing some of the best green glue alternative (s) on the market today.

Green glue is one of the best, affordable, and easy-to-use soundproofing materials.

It does well when dealing with low and high-frequency noise- both impact and airborne noises.

This product is also a perfect mass-loaded vinyl alternative, although in most cases, the two products serve as complements interchangeably.

The basic principle through which green glue works is quite simple:

It works by converting sound energy into heat energy.

Don’t worry; the heat produced in this case is quite negligible and won’t burn down your house.

Unfortunately, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, you probably won’t bump into your local store’s green glue sealant.

In such a case, use the alternatives available. Read on to discover the best green glue alternatives the market has to offer.

What Is the Best Green Glue Alternative?

Green Glue Alternative

The best green glue alternative is TMS Acoustical Caulk.

It is a 3-in-1 sealant- helps block out draft, sound, and smoke by providing an effective barrier to the transmission.

The best part is that the product is latex-based and adheres to both wood, concrete, drywall, plaster, metal studs, and much more.

Even though this product offers 3 functions, it is specifically formulated for sound/acoustical leak protection.

Just like green glue, you can use TMS Acoustical Caulk to seal all the gaps and cracks when soundproofing the basement, soundproofing a drum room, or even when hanging acoustic foam panels.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this product between two layers of drywall like green glue.

This product is only used for sealing cracks, gaps, and edges.

A-List of the Best Green Glue Alternatives on the Market

Even though TMS Acoustical Caulk above is the best green glue alternative, there are other alternatives you can get on the market today.

They include:

1. OSI SC175 Draft and Acoustical Sound Sealant

This product is 75% affordable than green glue.

Like TMS Acoustical Caulk, this product is manufactured here in the USA; it’s a water-based sealant and nonflammable.

The product is easy to apply and paintable when cured, allowing you to paint it to the desired colors that aesthetically match your house’s interiors.

OSI SC175 Draft and Acoustical Sound Sealant is commonly used for soundproofing against both airborne and impact noises.

It helps reduce noise transmissions in partition systems and walls.

2. DAP 18275 DYNAFLEX 230 Sealant

Green Glue Alternative

Dynaflex is a sealant designed not only for sound absorption but also to keep pests, drafts, and moisture out.

You can use it when to seal all the gaps and cracks when sealing the garage door from the inside.

The best part is that Dynaflex sealant is 100% weatherproof, waterproof, crack-proof, and very tough such that it won’t break easily.

This product can be used to seal cracks and gaps up to 1-inch in width and is highly resistant to mildew and mold.

The sealant can be used in various building materials such as PVC, polystyrene, medium density fiberboard, walling, ceilings, and composite trim board.

3. Quiet Seal Pro

Unlike most green glue alternatives, Quiet Seal Pro Acoustical Sealant will remain soft after application to prevent cracking and maximum sound dampening.

The product is sold in one large 28-ounce tube and works perfectly with QuietPutty and QuietRock.

The product is easy to apply, offers hassle-free clean-up.

It has a low odor, low VOC, and water-based, meanings it environmentally friendly and nontoxic.

4. Liquid Nails Acoustical Sound Sealant

Green Glue Alternative

Liquid Nails is an elastic, long-lasting latex sealant designed to reduce sound transmissions in walls.

It has been tested as per ASTM E 90 for its soundproofing properties.

Additionally, the product has been tested as per ASTM E 84 for smoke generation and flame spread.

Therefore, Liquid Nails is a non-flammable material that adheres sufficiently to most wall surfaces.

Like green glue, liquid nails will stay flexible, thus helping in sound absorption, stopping vibrations, and improving walling STC ratings.

This product isn’t recommended for non-porous surfaces such as plastics, PVC pipes, and wet areas.

You can, however, apply the sealant on cracks and gaps on walls, around the cut-outs, wall perimeters, and around utility boxes to block sound transmission.

5. Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels can serve as either a green glue alternative or a complement.

How do they serve as a complement?

Green glue is used to seal cracks and gaps on the wall, while acoustic foam panels are hung on the wall.

After green glue application, you can still glue the acoustic foam to the maximum sound absorption wall.

Acoustic foam is available in different colors and sizes, allowing you to choose one that matches your home’s interiors.

However, hanging acoustic foam requires care as a slight mistake could make it ineffective.

I have written a guide on how to hang acoustic foam panels.

6. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Green Glue Alternative

Mass loaded is a great alternative and complement to green glue.

It’s a dense and yet flexible soundproofing material with an STC rating of 20, 26, and 33 depending on the mass and thickness.

MLV is used to block medium and high-frequency sounds.

If you’re looking to block TV noise from the next room or block noise from neighbors’ yard or soundproof against fridge noise, then mass-loaded vinyl got you covered.

Additionally, you can hang mass-loaded vinyl around the drum room to soundproof the drum room and prevent mid-and high-frequency sounds from leaking outside.

The best part is that mass-loaded vinyl is paintable- you, however, need latex paint of your desired color, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts on Green Glue Alternative

Above are some of the best green glue alternative the market has to offer.

Even though green glue sealant is much more effective and easier to use, it’s not always readily available, especially to those living outside the US.

Luckily, some products have similar and almost equal strengths, just like green glue.

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