Top 5 Dynamat Alternative for DIY Vehicle Soundproofing

We shall be examining some of the best Dynamat alternative ideal for DIY vehicle soundproofing.

Dynamat is one of the most effective automotive sound deadening materials on the market today.

Unfortunately, the product itself is pretty costlier compared to other sound-deadening materials.

Therefore, if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get to enjoy quiet and peaceful rides.

There are inexpensive sound dampening materials that will get the job done as effectively as Dynamat.

Let’s get started.

What is the Best Dynamat Alternative?

dynamat alternative

The best alternative to Dynamat is Noico.

With Noico, you’re capable of virtually sound deadening noise from getting inside the car cabin.

Thanks to this product, I significantly reduce road noise in the car, enabling me to get clear stereo audios during my morning drives to work.

Unlike some other cheap car materials, Noico is made from a butyl rubber base and not an asphalt base.

So, you won’t get any asphalt smell in your car; instead, you’ll only get a slight smell that’s typical for all rubber-based products.

It’s available in 80mil (2mm) and weighs 0.7 lbs/1sqft (3.7 kg / 1 sqm), and this weight ensures max efficiency and sounds deadening.

Technical specifications:

  • 36 square feet total coverage
  • 80mil (2mm) nominal thickness
  • Singe sheets measures 29.5×19.5 inches
  • One stack contains 9 sheets
  • Total weight per mat 7 lbs/1sqft (3.7 kg / 1 sqm)

A-List of Dynamat Alternatives on the Market Today

While Noico does seem to be the best alternative to Dynamat, there are other perfect and yet cheaper alternatives. They include:

1. SoundSkins

dynamat alternative

Soundskins is an Australian-based company founded in 2015.

The company specializes in the manufacturing of automotive soundproofing materials.

You’re guaranteed effective noise deadening, and the best part is that the company provides custom-made templates for different cars.

For example, you can get a simple template for your Chevy Silverado or Chevy Camaro.

This eliminates the need for endless cuttings, trying to get that perfect fit.

Soundskins products boast a combination of three layers of foil, acoustic foam, and rubber butyl (the black sticky stuff that adheres to the surface attached)

This combo of materials allows you to layer any surface in your car, reducing rattling noises, vibrations and improving heat insulation.

Want to improve the acoustics of your car stereo?

The SoundSkins rings (precut foam rings) are designed to seal all the speaker installation against car door panels and trims, resulting in improved stereo performance.

If you live in New Zealand or Australia and can’t seem to get Green Glue for your home soundproofing projects, then I would recommend these Green Glue Alternatives.

2. Fatmat

Fatmat sound deadeners are designed to eliminate those nasty rattles, squeaks, vibrations, and road noise and improve your car stereo’s acoustic quality.

The company produces 5 major lines of sound deadeners which include:

  • Hood Liners
  • Mega Mat
  • Floor Liners
  • Rattletrap

These sound deadeners come in a variety of sizes as well as different price tags.

This allows you to choose one that meets your specific requirements.

Fatmat rattletrap stops annoying rattling in your car. It comes with a special seal that permanently sticks to any panel surface of your vehicle.

The Mega Mat bundle is available in 3 different sizes: 25sqft, 50sqft, and 100sqft.

This product contains fewer fillers, unlike most other sound-deadening materials on the market today.

It’s available in different thickness sizes. Therefore I would recommend you to pick the thickest one.

This is because the more mass, the better a product is in terms of sound absorption.

3. Kilmat Sound Deadener

dynamat alternative

This is a butyl-based sound deadener and not asphalt-based.

It is a high-grade noise absorption mat that helps eliminate and reduce some types of noises. Therefore, you will be able to experience high-quality stereo audios as well as enjoy quieter rides.

The material itself is waterproof, and this feature helps protect the metallic parts of your car against rust and damages.

To apply the Kilmat deadener, you only need to remove the protective layer from the sheet and then apply it to the metal surface with the sticky side facing down.

Press gently and smooth out the sheet and use a roller to roll it down and remove bubbles.

You’re able to save up to 20% without compromising quality comparing to Dynamat Extreme, Hushmat, Gtmat, and Boom Mat.

4. Hushmat

dynamat alternative

HushMat is one of the best-rated sound dampening and thermal insulation materials for your automotive- truck, boat, and Recreational Vehicle (RV).

You only require a pair of scissors to cut this product into desired sizes and then stick it to any panel surface of your car.

This feature makes HushMat one of the easiest to install the product.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce heat
  • Reduce noise
  • Easy to install DIY
  • Improve comfort

Hushmat brand provides Wave Breaker and Quiet Tape kits. The help prevent distortion, vibrations, and rattling in your car.

This allows you to hear clear audio from your stereo without any sort of unwanted noise interference.

You get more than just sound deadening with Hushmat- these products also help in thermal insulation, and thus your car/truck cabin won’t feel like an oven.

5. GtMAT

The GTMAT is also one of the most common sound deadeners on the market today.

It comes in one compact package, doesn’t require a wide array of tools to install, and gets the job done effectively.

It’s highly affordable, allowing you to save some of your cash for other important stuffs for your car.

The product is highly effective, just as Dynamat.

The product comes with all the necessary installation tools to make the process much easier for you.

It features 3 layers- a top layer of aluminum, a middle-rubberized layer, and a top finer liner layer that helps keep your car cabin noise-free and heat-free.

My take on Dynamat Alternative

Noico is definitely the best Dynamat alternative.  However, this doesn’t make it the only best alternative as there are other options you can choose from.

Whether you need to soundproof your car, or your boat, or even a truck, then there’s always something good for you.

There’s always an alternative for every soundproofing product on the market.

For instance, if you need to soundproof your home and find MLV unappealing, you can invest in one of these mass-loaded vinyl alternatives.

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