Automotive Sound Deadening Materials: Effective and Affordable

With automotive sound deadening materials installed in your car, you won’t ever have to worry about road noise in your car or engine noise.

Unlike the traditional soundproofing materials such as mass loaded vinyl, moving blankets, acoustic foam, automotive sound-deadening materials are specifically designed for soundproofing your automobile.

If you want to silence your loud muffler so that you can listen to the stereo music, installing car soundproofing materials is your only best bet.

There are several soundproofing materials available on the market today.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell which ones work the best and which ones don’t.

Review of Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

Below is my detailed guide on some of the most recommended automotive sound dampening materials.

1. Dynamat

One of the most popular and most effective car sound dampening product is the Dynamat.

Unlike regular household soundproofing materials like acoustic foam panels, Dynamat is a 3 in 1 product.

It’s designed to deal with noise problem and deal with vibrations and heat from your car.

It is a thin, easy to cut and mould flexible material capable of deadening noise that causes resonance and vibrations.

The product uses its visco-elastic properties to transform sound into silent energy through a process known as damping.

Dynamat Dynaliner is capable of blocking engine and exhaust heat through a single layer of synthetic foam.

When used alongside Dynamat and Dynaliner give maximum thermal insulation and soundproofing.

You can use Dynaliner to thermally insulate the roof, floor, under the hood, and the doors of your car.

You get up to 97% heat insulation.

Key Features:

  • 97% thermal insulation
  • Vibrations and Noise Insulation
  • Flexible and Easy to Cut


  • Costlier than other sound-deadening materials.
  • A bit technical to install

2. SoundSkins

SoundSkins is Australia based company founded in 2015.

The company manufactures a wide range of sound-deadening materials for cars.

Though based in Aussie, the company sells its products worldwide, with over 375 stores across the world.

There are four major products by SoundSkin, and they include:

SoundSkins Lite is designed for soundproofing your car floor, panels, and doors.

This helps significantly reduce vibrations, road noise and improve the acoustic quality of your car stereo.

Then there’s the SoundSkins Classic Bulk which is similar to the convectional sound dampening materials but more effective.

The classic bulk is sold in 23.6″ x236″ per roll with a single roll capable of covering up to 38.75sqft.

The SoundSkins Pro Door Kit is a 3 in 1 product combining foil, acoustic foam, and rubber butyl.

This trio of materials allows you to attach to any panels in your car, hence significantly reducing vibrations, improving heat rejection, and preventing sound loss.

The rubber butyl is highly adhesive, and thus it won’t ever fall off even after a year of installation.

The foam and butyl are heatproof and waterproof, and capable of standing the test of time.

And because it’s available in large sheets, it’ll be a lot easier for you to cut it to size for any application.

3. Fatmat Sound Control

This is yet another brand that manufacturers true soundproofing materials for automotive.

Fatmat sound deadeners will stop road noise, vibrations and nasty rattles in your car cabin while at the same time increasing your stereo’s sound and bass.

There are five major products by Fatmat, and they include Mega Mat, FatMat, Rattletrap, Floor Liner and Hood Liners.

As the name suggests, Rattletrap will deal with those nasty rattles in your car.

It features a super seal formula that will permanently stick to anything.

If you need to sound deaden your entire car, I recommend the Mega Mat, available in three sizes- 100sqft, 50sqft, and 25sqft.

It is thicker and contains less fillers than most car acoustic dampening materials.

Hood liners and Floor liners help in soundproofing and heat-insulating the hood and car floor, respectively.

4. Second Skin auto & Home Insulation

Second Skin is a brand that manufacturers both automotive and home soundproofing products.

This company’s products include Spectrum Spray-On Deadener, Damplifier Pro, and Damplifier Butyl Sealant Tape.

The butyl sealant tape is an excellent alternative for interior door sweep– simply anyone who wishes to seal the gap between the floor and door in your home or apartment.

You can also use it to seal the gaps on your garage door.

Second Skin Spray on Deadener is perfect for reducing sheet metal resonance as well as impact noise.

It can be used to soundproof those hard-to-reach places in your car.

The best part is that it’s easy to clean, tested for performance, and environmentally safe.

It also offers excellent heat insulation (400F/204 degrees Celsius), and spraying it under the hood can significantly cut down engine noise and heat.

5. Hushmat Sound and Thermal Insulation

Hushmat is a brand that produces sound and thermal insulation materials for trucks, car, boat and RVs.

This brand also manufactures soundproofing materials for Marine vehicles, heavy trucks and home applications.

Hushmat deadeners are butyl based and offer fantastic heat insulation as well.

Examples of automotive sound deadening materials produced by this brand include:

  • Silence Megabond Foam that highly absorbs all the high frequency that enters your car cabin through the air.
  • Wave Breaker Kit helps in treating back wave in all speakers in your car, office, truck, boat and RV.
  • Door Hoodliner Kit helps absorb and also eliminate high-frequency noise in your car.
  • Speaker Kit is perfect for reducing vibrations and noise that distorts the high-quality sound from your stereo.

If you have a subwoofer installed in your home theater and can’t seem to get high-quality audios from movies despite having the quietest projector, then I would highly recommend Hushmat Speaker Kit.

6. Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmat is butyl rubber and not asphalt based unlike some other deadening mats on the market today.

Since it doesn’t contain asphalt, it doesn’t stink at all, but it does have a similar smell all other butyl rubber-based products have.

The product is designed to reduce rattling, noise and vibrations of the metal’s parts in your car.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand the test of heat as it doesn’t fully offer thermal insulation like Dynamat and SoundSkins.

Final thoughts on Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

Car soundproofing and heat insulation is an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It could mean the difference between a noisy car ride and a quiet one.

Above are my most recommended materials from different brands you can use to make your car quieter.

You can also significantly cut down the car noise problem by opting for a quiet performance muffler.

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