Top 7 Ways on How to Quiet a Noisy Car Ac Compressor

Quiet Noisy Car Ac Compressor

Noise. It is a constant battle in our lives, and for some people, it’s a painful struggle to avoid the noise of society. For car owners, two types of noise come along with owning a car–the noise from your engine and the noise from your air conditioning system. A noisy car AC compressor can be … Read more

How To Quiet RV AC: Top 7 Effective DIY Hacks

Is your RV AC making a lot of noise? Are you looking for ways on How To Quiet RV AC? The good news is that you don’t have to live with it; some simple steps can be done to make sure the air conditioning in your RV does not create a ton of noise. This … Read more

Top 7 Quietest Thru the Wall Air Conditioner

Quietest Wall Air Conditioner

Unlike traditional air conditioner, the quietest wall air conditioners boast an integrated sound deadening technology that aims to keep noise down while at the same time keeping your indoor environment cool or warm. According to an article published on Purdue University Chemistry Department, traditional air conditioners emit 60decibels at 100ft and 70decibels at 5ft. (Source) … Read more

How to Quiet A Noisy Window Air Conditioner (Easy DIY Tips)

how to Quiet a Noisy Window Air Conditioner

I will show you different methods on how to quiet a noisy window air conditioner without breaking an arm or leg. Alternatively, you can read my detailed guide on some of the quietest air conditioners on the market today. You’ll be able to save yourself the time you’d have spent trying to make your existing … Read more