About Me

Hi, my name is Todd R. Bressler and I am the founder of this soundproofing blog.Todd Brussels founder of Crafty soundproofing

I’m a DIY enthusiast from Cincinnati, the city that just beat New York for the City That Never Sleeps Award in 2020. (Original)

I have been in  the DIY soundproofing industry for close to 5 years, running a YouTube channel and a Podcast show every Saturday.

I started Crafty Soundproofing to help you learn the basics of “self defending yourself against noise”

The info I share in this blog is as a result of what the years of experience in this field. The info gathered through reaching out to certified and professional soundproofing engineers in the greater state of Ohio.

If you’re new to this blog, I would recommend you to check out the Learning Resources section for tips on how to undertake various sound dampening projects.

You can also visit the product guide section for the best definitive guides on quiet products

I teach everything DIY noise deadening and only recommend products I’ve personally tested.

Together, I believe we can make America Quieter Again.

Have an idea worth sharing? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to respond ASAP