How to Poop Quietly at Work, On Plane or at Your Lover’s Place

How to Poop Quietly

Sometimes you need to poop, but you don’t want to make any noise. Maybe you’re at work and don’t want your co-workers to know what you’re doing, or maybe you’re home with your family and don’t want them to hear the sounds from the bathroom. Either way, there are ways that you can poop quietly … Read more

Soundproof Insulation for Walls for Both IMPACT and AIRBORNE Noise

Soundproof Insulation for Walls for Both IMPACT and AIRBORNE Noise

There are many types of insulation available on the market today, but not all are effective at soundproofing. If you’re looking for a way to insulate your walls and reduce noise, you may consider using soundproofing insulation. This type of insulation can be used in various applications, including walls, ceilings, and floors. Soundproofing insulation is … Read more

Window Soundproofing Film: Is It An EFFECTIVE Strategy?

Window Soundproofing Film

One of the best ways to reduce noise in your home is by soundproofing the windows. They are one of the biggest culprits in leaking noise in or out of your space. By installing double- or triple-glazed windows, you can significantly reduce the amount of outside noise in your home. In addition, weather-stripping and other … Read more

Top 7 Ways on How to Block Out Noise Without Earplugs

How to Block Out Noise Without Earplugs

Would you like to learn how to how to block out noise without earplugs? Well, read on to the very end of this article as I will be highlighting some of the effective ways to deal with the noise problems without earplugs. The hacks I recommend here are perfect substitutes to earplugs, although I’ve previously … Read more

How To Reduce Traffic Noise in My Backyard

How to Reduce Traffic Noise in My Backyard

Want to reduce traffic noise in backyard? The howling of car tires, the blaring of horns, and the never-ending drone of engines is something that many people find irritating. The noise pollution from traffic can be reduced by using a few simple materials readily available at your local hardware store. This guide will show you … Read more

Top 7 Ways on How to Quiet a Noisy Car Ac Compressor

Quiet Noisy Car Ac Compressor

Noise. It is a constant battle in our lives, and for some people, it’s a painful struggle to avoid the noise of society. For car owners, two types of noise come along with owning a car–the noise from your engine and the noise from your air conditioning system. A noisy car AC compressor can be … Read more

How To Drink Water Quietly: Effective Ways To Stop Gulping Water

how to drink water quietly

A cold glass of water can be very refreshing on a hot day. However, drinking it loudly involves an entirely different set of mouth muscles than drinking a mixture with lots of ice in it. Unfortunately, as soon as there is ice involved, most people just can’t seem to keep from crunching. When you drink … Read more

How To Quiet RV AC: Top 7 Effective DIY Hacks

Is your RV AC making a lot of noise? Are you looking for ways on How To Quiet RV AC? The good news is that you don’t have to live with it; some simple steps can be done to make sure the air conditioning in your RV does not create a ton of noise. This … Read more

7 Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise And Noisy Lifters

Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise

You may wonder, what’s the best additive to quiet engine noise? I’ve always enjoyed quiet driving, and nothing drives me nuts like a noisy road trip. If you’ve dealt with things like road noise and probably fully soundproofed your car, well, a noisy lifter tick can ruin your quiet drives. Engine noise can be a … Read more

Acoustic Sealant: Top 5 That Block Sound Through All Systems

Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Sealant, also known as acoustic caulk or acoustical caulk, is a product used to seal cracks and gaps in a wide range of construction setups to prevent sound transmission. As I have often mentioned, sound travels through air and through mediums (such as walls) in the form of vibrations. Acoustical caulk saves the day … Read more